Freshwater Molluscan Shells / South America

family Mycetopodidae

Mycetopoda legumen Martens, 1888 South America.

Mycetopoda soleniformis, (Orbigny, 1835) Acre State, Brazil. Shell inflated, with
a nearly cylindrical cross-section and a pronounced pedal gape on the lower (right) end.

Haasica balzani (Ihering, 1893) Columbia rivers   Haasica balzani, hinge teeth.
Anodontites trapesialis scripta (Sowerby) Brazil   Anodontites tenebricosus Orbigny, 1835 Uruguay.
Anodontites trapezeus (Spix, 1827) Brazil.   Anodontites felix Pilsbry, 1896 Uruguay rivers.
Thin dark chevron lines near beaks.

Lamproscapha ensiformis (Spix & Wagner, 1827).
northeastern Brazil.

Fossula fossiculifera (Orbigny, 1835) And hinge area, left hand valve backlit. Rivers of southeastern Brazil


Monocondylea minuana
Orbigny, 1835 (left) and M. corrientesensis Orbigny, 1835 (right) Uruguay rivers.

Bartlettia gutmansi (Lange de Morretes, 1941)
In crevices of rocky river bottoms, southwestern Brazil.

Unknown species from the Amazon Basin rivers of Peru, small shell, x4.


Family Hyriidae, subfamily Hyriinae

Diplodon hylaeus (Orbigny), Uruguay   Diplodon rhuacoicus Lea, 1834 Uruguay.
Diplodon smithii Lea, 1869 Uruguay   Diplodon smithii, hinge teeth

Diplodon fontaineanus (Orbigny, 1835) and
hinge teeth. From rivers, southeastern Brazil.

Diplodon Granosus
1782) Rondonia State, Brazil

Castalia psammoica (Orbigny, 1835) Argentina.

Castalia undosa martensis
Ihering, 1891
Uruguay. Hinge teeth, below.
C. ambigua inflata (Orbigny, 1835) Paraguay.
Stereo pair of hinge teeth of Castalia undosa, left valve, showing intricate
sculpturing. Sit well back from screen and cross your eyes slightly. The
arrangement is non-standard. It would be necessary to transpose left
and right images to view with standard stereoscope.

South American hyriids of the genus Prisodon are alate or winged similar to some unionid species. They differ in having the the thin continuation of ligament material running along the edge of the "wing", making the two valves easily separable without cracking.

Prisodon corrugatus (Lamarck, 1819). Amapa State, Brazil. Slightly reduced.

Prisodon obliquus (Schumacher, 1817).
Amapa State, Brazil. x1.

Prisodon hinge teeth, x 3 and x 6.

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