Freshwater Molluscan Shells: Latiidae

Pulmonate families [Lymnaeidae], [Planorbidae], [Chilinidae]

The family Latiidae has one genus, Latia, with a few species and no fossil record, all native to New Zealand (Aotearoa). They are black limpets less than 10 mm long, clinging to relatively silt-free rocks and cobbles in streams and rivers. They are unusual in excreting a bioluminescent green substance when disturbed.

These pictures of Latia neritoides Gray 1850, were provided by Stephen Moore of Landcare Research Institute,
New Zealand. Please see ( for more information.
Latia neritoides eggs, Waikato River.   Outside of shell, specimen from Waihou River.
Interior view, specimen from Taranaki river.   Exterior and preserved soft parts, Waitara River.

The portion of the septum on the right
stands apart from the rest of the shell. 8 x magnification.

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