Freshwater Molluscan Shells

Australian Region hydrobiidae s.s. Many species have been found endemic to the large springs of Queensland's Great Artesian Basin and elsewhere, where they are threatened by pumping of the aquifers for irrigation.

Pomatopyrgus antipodarum (Gray, 1843), New South Wales. Wood and Duke, (2001) indicate that this New Zealand species is also introduced and invasive in the Snake River of western North America.

Tatea rufilabris (Adams, 1862), New South Wales

Tatea huonensis (Tenison Woods, 1876), New South Wales

Other families:

Eremopeas tuckeri (Pfeiffer, 1846), Queensland

Trochidrobia punicea Ponder, Hershler, and Jenkns, 1989, South Australia

Fonscochlea expandolabra Ponder, Eggler, and Colgan, 1996, South Australia

Fonscochlea accepta Ponder, Hershler, and Jenkns, 1989, South Australia

Fonscochlea aquatica, Ponder, Hershler, and Jenkns, 1989, South Australia

Fonscochlea zeidleri Ponder, Hershler, and Jenkns, 1989, South Australia

Austropyrgus sparsus (Iredale, 1944), New South Wales

Austropyrgus cooma (Iiredale, 1943), New South Wales

Austropyrgus elongatus (May, 1921), Tasmania

Posticobia brazieri (Smith 1882), New South Wales

Phrantela marginata (Petterd, 1889), Tasmania

Pygmanisus scottianus (Johnson, 1879), New South Wales

Glacidorbis sp. New South Wales.   Glacidorbis hedleyi Iredale,
1943, New South Wales. The
white inner lip of one specimen
makes it appear detached from the
previous whorl.

Glacidorbis was originally described as a genus of the pulmonate basommatophoran Planorbidae by Iredale, 1943. In 1975, Meier-Brook and Smith re-classified them as gilled prosobranch snails after describing additional species, and their close relations to a species living in southern South America. More recently, Ponder (1986) has re-assigned the genus Glacidorbis to its own family and superfamily within the Basommatophora! Meier-Brook and Smith describe them as native to lakes and streams of mountain areas.

Iredale, T. (1943). A basic list of freshwater mollusca of Australia. Austr. Zool., 10: 188-230.

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Ponder, W.F. (1986) Glacidorbidae (Glacidorbiacea : Basommatophora), a new family and superfamily of operculate freshwater gastropods. Journal Linnean Society of London, 87: 53-83.

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