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The germ for this site was planted in the early 1990's, when I looked around and found there were no general book on freshwater mollusks.   I knew if anyone was aware of one, or future potential for its existance, it would be Dr. R. Tucker Abbott (now deceased), the well-known authority and popularizer of malacology.   After a few calls to directory assistance, I was in touch, and asked him if he knew of anything in the works.  He told me "no" but that it sounded like a worthwhile project, and that maybe I should do it.   I said I'd think about it, but didn't feel it was too realistic -- I lacked connections, means, and the will to engage in travel to collections that might be in other parts of the world.   To satisfy my curiosity, I acquired a few non-local freshwater specimens from mail-order dealers.   The web was growing rapidly and early items about freshwater mussels would turn up on search engines.  In 1999 a friend was building a site to sell mineral specimens, and I realized it could be done by anyone, so why not me.  I bought a scanner and liked the results immediately.  

Since the first few pages, I have tried to incorporate new pictures and information as I can.   There are no ambitions toward making the site comprehensive. The goal is to create an overview showing the variety of freshwater species and their relationships, to include the more common, important, widespread or interesting ones, and hopefully to allow a user to identify specimens to family level anywhere in the world.

Site structure: Prior to October, 2008, the site spanned several subdomains under "" AOL permitted several per account, each with a 2 megabyte online storage allotment without advertisements. "Mkohl1,""mkohl2," "savetheclams," etc. were subdomains created under this system. At that time the site was copied and uploaded to the servers maintained by Copying from the online version using Internet Explorer simplified the image directory structure and made far fewer alterations necessary.

Site usage: This site is frequently used by students researching homework assignments.  Weekends, and the summer and winter school breaks in North America are reflected by lows in the statistics accessable through the link at the bottom of the home page.  Many of the searches below also suggest this use.

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"How do fresh water snails change shells" and other searches: The statistics also indicate search arguments or "strings" entered into search engines that returned the site URL.  The compilation below was initiated soon after the site was inaugerated January 1, 2000.  Almost all are included but for some variations in capitalization and plurals (first usage recorded).  Some are informative, for instance "tbt imposex" is a very real environmental problem caused by tributyl tin anti-fouling compounds. Note the number of searches for photos, images and diagrams.  People want to see it.  Clearly, some found what they wanted here.  Others may have found it only through the links, if at all.  Many were looking for information beyond or outside the scope of this site.  In some cases, for example, care and cleaning of specimens, and anatomical diagrams, they suggest additional pages are needed.

By the way, they don't.


3 layers of a bivalve shell

acorn pearly mussel
acorn shells for sale
adaptive radiation mollusk
A diagram of a mussel
a image of parts of a cephalopods
  that are labeled
A labeled diagram of a mussel
algae toxic death fish
america mussels freshwater
american freshwater pearls
America North Shells
ancestors of the pelecypoda
ancestral mollusks
animal shells
animal snail diagram
animals that clams capture
anodonta family classification
anodonta, freshwater clam
Anodonta images
anodonta sp.
anodonta grandis
Anodonta piscinalis
anodonta wodiana [sic]
anthropogenic gastropod
apple shells
apple snail ancestral links
apple snail mystery snail
apple snail parasite
apple snails
apple snails for sale
apple tree taxanomic classification
aquatic freshwater snails
arcidae shells
are shells living
Asian Basket clams
asian carved shells
asian free shells
asiatic clam image
asiatic clam mollusks
asiatic fresh-water clam
Asiatic greater freshwater clam
Asiatic clams
asiatic clams photographs
Asiatic River clam images
atlantic freshwater clams
  "roots" -2005 -emails

bad freshwater snails
Banarescu clams
belgian mussel
big pearly snails
biology and mollusk and oyster
biology of freshwater snails
bivalve diagram
bivalve mollusk and fossil
Bivalve Mollusk
Bivalve mussels
bivalve population
bivalve pollution
bivalves AND brain
Bivalves "clams"
brackish water bivalves
brackish water clams
Bythiniidae [sic]

Campeloma decisum
campeloma floridense
campeloma fossil
campeloma snail
canaliculata pelecypoda
cardiidae and zoogeography
Cardiidae freshwater
cardiidae shells
carved shells japanese
cephalopod diagrams
charms from kohl's only
chemical aspects of sea shells
chinese fertility stew
chinese fingernail shell
chinese freshwater pearls
chinese freshwater snail
chinese malacologists
chinese markets snails
chinese tapeworm
chinese water clams shells
clam diagram
clam diagram (not origami)
clam fossils
Clam information
clam, mussel diagram
clams ancestors
clam shell photographs
clam shells
clam shells for sale
clams mussels classification
Clams or bivalves
clams, oysters, and conchs
  explanation of why they are
Clams Taxonomic Classification
clams the freshwater mollusks
classification "clam"
Classification for the clam
classification invertebrates
Classification of a clam
classification of a freshwater mussel
classification of anodonta
classification of iguana
classification of marine organisms -
classification of the north american
  freshwater snail
classification of the zebra
classification of zebra mussels
classification pulmonate mollusca
classification + shells
classifying shells
clean freshwater mussels for sale
Cleaning clams
Cleaning sea shells
coffee shells"composition"
(cold AND temperature AND
  freshwater AND plants)
common freshwater snails
compendium af landshells for sale
connections that humans have
  to mollusks
composition of mussel shells
continental geographic range
Continental Mollusks
construction of shells
corbicula baudoni
Corbicula japonica
corbicula life cycle
corbicula shells
crawfish scientific name
creatures that change shells
creeks families @
cristaria plicata
Cultured pearl industry
culture of bivalve

diagram of a bivalve
Diagram of a Clam
Diagram of a flat worm
diagram of algaes life cycle
diagram of a native tree in new
Diagram of a snail
diagram of common freshwater snail
diagram of shell
diagrams of clams
Diagrams of invertebrates
Different species / freshwater
  clams/ Illinois
digestion in mollusks
distribution, abundance and roles
  of freshwater clams
distribution Neritidae
do snails change shells
dreissenidae diagram labeled

Eastern River Pearl Mussel habitat
eastern US shells
eatting fresh water clams
ecological importance of gastropods
ecological importance of marine
ecological roles that unionidae are
  involved in
ecological significance of saails or
ecological zoogeography and
economically important of oysters in
  tropical africa
effect of pollution on seashells
egyptian charms against drowning
egyptian necropolis
egyptian slugs
egyptian slugs snails
elimia mussels
Elliptio Mussels sale
endangered gastropods
endangered acorn shell
endangered freshwater species
Endangered mussels
environmental adaptations of a
environment of gastropods
etheria mollusks
european freshwater fishes
evolutionary tree diagram
"evolutionary tree diagram" AND
evolutionary tree of mollusks
evolution of mollusks
Evolution Salt Water Freshwater
exotic freshwater animals
Exotic Freshwater Fishes for sale
Extinct animals of Tennessee

facts about fingernail clams
Facts on Gastropods and their
  evolutionary history
false shells
families of Phylum Mollusca
Family lymnaeidae
family phylum fossil taxa
fauna freshwater
field guide to marine plants
fingernail clam pill clam
fish snail parasite diagram
Flatworms diagrams
fossil gastropods
fossil record survivors
fossils that are shell
free images of shells for personal
free images + shells
free shells and roots
fresh snails for sale
freshwater algae
freshwater and oxygen
freshwater animal
freshwater aquatic snail covered in
freshwater bivalves
Freshwater bivalves of North
freshwater bivalves shell
freshwater cephalopods
fresh water chinese pearls
fresh water clam
freshwater clams for ponds
freshwater clams for sale
freshwater clams habitat
freshwater clams: habitat and range
freshwater clams of New York
freshwater clams shell
freshwater clam taxonomy
fresh water crustaceans
freshwater dams
freshwater corbicula
Freshwater Fish AND Runoff
freshwater fish illinois
freshwater fish play sand
freshwater fishes
"freshwater fish" +"zebra mussel"
freshwater flatworms
freshwater gastropods Kohl
freshwater gravel for sale
freshwater habitat
Fresh Water Habitats Mussels
freshwater in the Philippines
freshwater invasion by mollusks
freshwater invertebrates
freshwater lakes field guide
Freshwater Life
Freshwater Molluscan Shells, Fresh-
  water Pulmonate gastropods
freshwater mollusks
Freshwater Mollusks of africa
freshwater mussel and raw sewage
freshwater mussel classification
freshwater mussel fishing
freshwater mussel images
Fresh water mussels
fresh water mussel shells for sale
"freshwater mussels" and "books"
freshwater mussels New Zealand
fresh water mussels toxic
freshwater neritidae of north america
freshwater organisms
freshwater oysters
freshwater oysters for sale
freshwater parasites
freshwater pearl mussel
freshwater pearl images
freshwater pearl industry

Freshwater pearls
freshwater pearly mussels facts
freshwater pelecypods and
freshwater plants (how it adapts to
  it's environment)
Freshwater pollution
FreshWater Properties
freshwater pulmonate classification
freshwater pulmonates
freshwater rivers
freshwater seashells
freshwater sea snails
fresh water shell fish
Fresh water shells
freshwater slugs
fresh water snail anatomy diagram
freshwater snail and oxygen
freshwater snail classification
freshwater snail fossil
freshwater snail habitat
freshwater snail images
freshwater snail photographs
freshwater snails
freshwater snails and sand
freshwater snails diagram
freshwater snails for sale
freshwater snail shells
freshwater snails of illinois
freshwater soil
freshwater system
freshwater temperatures
Freshwater Tropical Fish

gastropoda freshwater north america
gastropod ancestors
(gastropoda) parasitic
Gastropoda, Pelecypoda
gastropoda, torsion
Gastropod Classification diagram
gastropods in the nile river
General importance of freshwater
geographic range
geologic routes(shells)
Graves, shells

habitat de Epitoniidae
helpful algae phylum
how do fresh water snails change
how do shells form
how do snail shells form
How gastropoda are being classified
how many clams are there in illinois
how many different species of fresh
  water clams are there in Illinois?
how is adaptive radiation applied
  on mollusks
how to find sea shells
how to clean pearly shells
how to Clean Shells
how to prepare snail shells
how where plain zebras different
  before they got mussels? [sic]
human parasitic mussels
hydrobiidae habitat

identifying freshwater clam species
identifying freshwater snails
identifying planorbidae
identifying shell fish
identify shells
illinois dams
Illinois River images
Illinois River Mussels
illinois freshwater snails
illustrated shell
illustrations of shells
ilocano people
image of shells
Image gastropods
images freshwater clam
images mollusk pelecypods
images of a freshwater mussel
images of animal shells
images of egyptian kohl
images of pearl shells
images of siltation in the philippines
images shells
importance of bivalves
importance of freshwater to life
importance of invertebrate a mollusks
importance of mollusks
Importance of shell fish
Importance to man of Flatworms
imposex snail fresh water
indonesea shells
information about freshwater clams
information about clams
information about shelled clam
information on all of molluscan
  mussel shells
information on Gastropods
information on pila a molluscan
information on seashells
information on snails-freshwater
Information Pomacea bridgesii
information shelled clam
in shell pearls
io +tennessee +river +freshwater
Interesting facts on TANGANYIKA
invasion and fish and freshwater
invasive freshwater snails
invasive species colonization
invertebrate family tree diagram
"i thought you said bacon"

japanese clam markets
japanese cultured pearls
japanese freshwater fish
japanese mysterysnail
japanese snails
Juga and snail

Karl-Otto Nagel
Key for European freshwater
kohl egyptian sale
kohl freshwater molluscan shells
Kohl freshwater snails
Korean freshwater snail

labeled disgram of a snail
labeled diagram of mussels
labeled mollusk
Lake Snails
lake superior snails
Lake Tanganyika
"Lake Tanganyika" + shells for sale
lamellibranchs images
landsnails and slugs
landsnails from congo
landsnails of mass
land-snails sale
landsnails species
large clam shells for sale
large european freshwater mussel
  still water
large salt water mussels
life cycle of a snail
life of molluscan
life of mollusks
list of shells
Literature of Bivalves
Literature Related to Molluscan
little - neck clams
live land gastropods sale
living shells
locating freshwater pearl mussels
long clam
lynn mass freshwater system

map of where mollusks are harvested
  and eaten
map pila
map with zebra mussel infection
"marine shells"
marginellidae shells
marine biology san fransisco [sic]
marine families
marine family and phylums
marine molluscan shells
marine or freshwater habitat fossil
marine tapeworms
Martin Kohl
Materials Animal Shells
meaning of freshwater pearl
meaning of shells
meaning of shells in cultures
Members of the Gastropod Family
molluscan ecological groupings
molluscan evolutionary tree
molluscan fish parasite
molluscan fresh water
molluscan literature
molluscan method
molluscan pictures
molluscan shells
molluscan species
molluscan taxonomy synonyms
molluscan trade industry
mollusca salt freshwater
mollusca tree diagram
mollusk+adaptive radiation
mollusk biology
mollusk culture in australia and new
Mollusk Diagrams
Mollusk Images
mollusk life cycle
Mollusk Migration Habitat
mollusk monty python I thought
  you said bacon
mollusk picture
mollusks and importance to man
mollusks and the different sizes of
  their shells
Mollusks are involved as
  secondary what?
Mollusks: Fossil Record/ Ancestors
mollusks, freshwater
Mollusks Gastropods
Mollusks Habitat
mollusks importance
mollusks importnace to humans
mollusks i thought you said bacon
mollusks protect themselves with
  their shells
mollusk snail
mollusk species list
mollusks typical habitat
mollusks with shells
monty lake
Monty Python clams
monty-python "man at the door
  with a moustache"
monty Python Mollusks
muricidae AND toxic
mussel and snail
mussel bed snail
Mussel Culture
mussel effects
mussel freshwater clam phylum
mussel glochidium images
mussell shells
mussel middens
mussel shell harvesters
mussel shell photographs
mussel shells as plastic
mussel shells construction material
mussels and tapeworms
mussel shells
mussel shells chemical composition
mussel shells construction material
mussel shells of
mussel shells use
mystery apple snail
mystery snail in salt water
mystery snails

native american trade molluscs
native range of family dreissenidae
nematodes freshwater
neolithic kitchen diagram
neolithic shells
Neritina and (snail or escargot)
neritina snails
+neritina +zebra
neritina zebra food
New Zealand flatworms
new zealand freshwater mussels
new zealand freshwater mussels and
  indicators of pollution
new zealand mussel shells
new zealand power shell collection
"New Zealand Snails"
New Zealand water snails
north american freshwater fish
north american freshwater clams
north american snails
northern freshwater snails
northern riffleshell (pictures)

Otto Nagel Unionidae

parasite "freshwater snail" death
parasite of mussel
parasite vectors
parasitic mollusks in illinois
parasitic snail
Parts of a Gastropod Seashell
paul parmalee
pearl blanks
pearl in shell

pearl mollusk
pearly shells
pearly snails
pelecypoda and people
pelecypoda site:
pelecypod classification
pelecypod fossils
philippine freshwater species
philippines freshwater
Pictures Of Water Snails
Pill clam pelecypoda
photographs for sale of shells
photographs of Mollusks
photographs of snails shells
phylum + eastern atlantic northern
phylum images
phylum mollusca interesting facts
phylum nematodes
physical properties of freshwater
physidae image
picture of corbicula
pictures made from shells
Pictures On Mollusks
pila an aquatic animal
Pill clam
+ "pill"+ "clam" + "life" + "cycle"
Pill clam pelecypoda
Pill Fingernail Clam
pollution in freshwater
preparation of zebra mussel shells
prepare for the shells of snails
preparing mussels
problems for freshwater mussels
property of shell
prosobranch gastropod
prosobranch pulmonate river
prosobranch snails
pulmonate and prosobranch snails
pulmonate gastropod classification
pulmonate gastropod image
pulmonate intermediate hosts
pulmonate snails
Python mollusks

[no q]

range map of the zebra mussel
recent extinctions
recent extinctions in freshwater areas
recent extinctions north america
reservoirs "negative aspects"
river shells
river slugs and snails
robinson research

salt effects on freshwater life
salt slugs images
salt tolerance invertebrate mussel
salt tolerant freshwater fish
salt tolerance snail
salt water clams
salt water pearls
Salt water shells
salt water snails
scientific names of seashells
seashell field guides
Sea Shells
seashells AND family donacidae
seashells bivalves
sea shells cleaning
Sea shells for sale
sea shells of the Philippines
sea shells
sea slug diagram
sea slug evolution
sea slugs
Seawater and Freshwater
secondary Freshwater
  fishes (image)
Semisulcospira bensoni
sewage in freshwater
shell based pearls
shell biology
Shell Buttons
shell classifications
shell collecting
shelled animals
shell field guide
shell fish classifications
shell fish phylum
shell illustrations
shell images
shelling locations
Shell Man
shell pictures
shells and oyster
Shells and their environment
shells and their inhabitants
shells and their meaning
shells and uses
shell scans
shells exotic locations
shells family species
shells found in water
shells freshwater PICTURES
shells in the Philippines
shells of clams
shells of pila
shells river
Shells reference
shells that are most worn by people
Shell taxonomy
slender campeloma
small freshwater clam pollution
Small Molluscan Sea Shells
small round freshwater invertebrate
snail classification
snail diagrams
Snail Diagrams with labeled parts
snail distribution map
Snail+importance to man
snail NOT mail
snails and elimia
snails AND tennessee AND families
"snails as a source of protein"
snails documentary
snails endangered
snails freshwater
snails "freshwater snails" "land
snails' geographic range
snail shells
snail shells classification
snail shells for sale
Snail shells in manufacture
snail shells protect
snail shells tanganyika for sale
snails in the Illinois river
snails invasive freshwater
snails in water reservoirs australia
snails +mollusks +freshwater
  +north america
snails raised with no algae on shells
Species of Freshwater Bivalves
Species of Freshwater Flat Snails
species of shells crustatian shell
standard of freshwater nematodes
"Stephanie Clark" "San Francisco"
stephanie clark snail
swamp snail

tanganyika bivalves
tanganyika clams
tapeworms for sale
taxa lake tanganyika
taxanomic of sea shells
taxonomic classification
taxonomic classification of a zebra
talonomic classification of bivalves
taxonomic classification of Parasite
taxonomic classification on sand
  shell mussel
taxonomic families unionid
taxonomic rankings of humans
taxonomic schemes and
  classification invertebrate
Taxonomic rankings
Taxonomy of Freshwater fish
taxonomy of freshwater species
tbt imposex bivalves
tennessee freshwater pearls
tennessee freshwater snails
tennessee mussels
tennessee shell
thalassa shells
the apple snail sale
the classification of the freshwater
the effect of temperature on
The machine which divides the size
  of the fish
the taxonomic representation
  of tapeworms
Thiara shells
thiara snail sale
thiaridae site:
thiaridae thiara
threats to clams
tiny shells freshwater
tolerance range of sphaeriidae on
  ecological factors
toxic cephalopods
tree diagram of invertebrate
tree snail shells, photographs
tropical & fresh water & mussel
tropical freshwater clams
tropical freshwater gastropods
tropical freshwater habitat
tropical shells
types of sea shells

Underwater Fresh Water Snails
Unionacea Taxa
unionidae philippines
unionid behavior
Unionid gravel
unionid mussel ecological roles
upside gastropoda
use of mussel shells
use of pearls in literature
uses of snail shells
uses for mussel shells before

van damme and gladys
van damme and gladys portugues
van damme snails
vermillion river illinois
"vermillion river" illinois map
viviparidae ampullariidae pila
Viviparidae snails

water purification
water purification plants in zaire
water shells
waters in philippines and their uses
what are mussel shells used for
What are the importance of Mollusks
  to man & to the environment
what is the life cycle of the
  fresh water mussel
what is the meaning of freshwater
what continents have freshwater
  on them
what is the meaning of siltation
What lives in a Sea Shell
what shells are these
what sphaeriidae do in the winter
what's the mean of colonization
where and how do clams migrate
Where can I find information
  about the snail Campeloma
where can i find large images of
where do shells come from?
where do we find freshwater mussels
where shells are found
white pearl plastic shell buttons
Worldwide Buccinidae
worldwide molluscan diversity
worldwide specimen shells

[no x,y]

zebra clam
zebra flatworms
Zebra freshwater Snail
zebra mollusk
zebra mussel
zebra mussel causes
Zebra Mussel classification
zebra mussel images
zebra mussels ancestors
zebra mussels and infections
Zebra Mussels attack
zebra mussel shells soil
zebra mussel taxa
zebra shells
zebra snails
zebra taxonomic classification
zoogeography of freshwater mollusks

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